Curricular Vision

stacked stones

“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.” – George Washington Carver

 English is a disciple that has endless learning opportunities, but the ability to shape and mold those opportunities into a curricular vision that is both engaging and balanced is one that requires not just the mind, but the heart.

I believe that curricular vision should encompass more than the textual aspects of a classroom and should strive to incorporate empathy, social justice, and open-minded practices.  Students spend roughly around 35 hours a week in the presence of teachers, making us a huge influence in our students’ lives.  As such, it is our duty as teachers to ensure that students receive not only intellectual growth, but mental and emotional growth as well.  As educators, we should strive to teach the entire student, not just the intellect.  The heart of the student is no less important and should thus be given as much attention as the brain.

By incorporating aspects into the classroom curriculum that focus on enriching the heart of a student, such as empathy and social justice, we can make current curriculum that focuses on knowledge acquisition that much richer.  A curriculum that ignores the heart denies our students of the opportunity of receiving a well-rounded and diverse learning experience. This is why having such an engaging and balanced curricular vision is of the utmost importance, not only for ourselves as educators, but for our students as well.


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